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5 TonyFlores18

Brandon is the first person I’d recommend when buying or selling a home. He both facilitated the purchase of our home, and the sale of it 2 years later. He gives very personal attention and genuinely cares about his clients.

5 ranchhand23

We have worked with Brandon on multiple projects in the last two years. Brandon is highly competent, personable, and knowledgeable. He has wisdom beyond his years and is backed by an extremely efficient and capable team. We consult him for out of area issues as well because of his competence and integrity.

5 aliceulat

Merced Yosemite Realty a realty and property management company in Merced CA headed by Brandon Ruscoe, managed my home for almost eight (8) years This company also is instrumental in selling this property. I just sold it this August 2015. I have a very good experience with them, house always with renters with low turnover. His leadership is excellent and professional. Very responsive to calls and needs of renters and property. My monthly rental check and statement is always on time. My property sold accordingly. I highly recommend Brandon /this company to any of your property needs, selling/buying or property management..

5 vzaragoza

I highly-highly recommend Brandon for anyone’s need regarding Real Estate!!! He was thoughtful, thorough, on-point thru the entire process of my home purchase. What I felt impossible for me to be able to purchase this dream home for us, he was integral and encouraging and made my wife and I feel Brandon was not it for his personal interests but ours. I cannot express my gratitude enough for ALL he did in helping us be homeowners again. 5-stars is not a high enough rating to convey what he did for my family and I.

5 mlopez sj 24

Brandon was very helpful throughout the entire process. He demonstrated a high level of expertise of the process and was able to lay out what I needed to do in order to proceed quickly. He was able to get prompt responses from the seller’s real estate agent. I credit this to to his years of experience in real estate in the area. As Brandon is a native of Merced, he was able to provide me with insightful information about the various neighborhoods in the city. Brandon was very patient throughout the process, and was always accessible if I had any questions. I was fortunate to find a great lender thanks to his recommendation. He was always willing to go up to bat for me on key issues. Brandon demonstrated a deep knowledge of negotiating and gave me key advice as to how to proceed in negotiating a good deal on my home. On top of that, Brandon is a very gregarious person of high moral character. If you are looking to buy in the Merced area, I highly recommend seeking out Brandon.

5 truscoe

Great service, very knowledgeable in all aspects of both real estate and construction. Not only a brokerage but also a fully licensed general contractor, this makes so much sense when choosing the right home for your needs!

5 dseryani

Brandon helped me sell a house and was very knowledgeable and very prepared every step of the way. During the whole process he kept in contact with me and made sure to be ahead of the game. Highly recommend him.

5 saracribarihill

My husband and I have worked with Brandon in the purchase of two homes, and he also manages one of those homes. He’s a stellar guy and drives results. He and the rest of Merced Yosemite Realty have been amazing to work with as we’ve purchased and rented homes. Brandon is accountable, honest, and knowledgeable, which are the most important characteristics for professionals in this line of work.

5 bhunbr3

I made an appointment with Brandon and really became confident in him being able to help me buy. He was able to give me information of other buyers he had assisted in the purchase a property. I also got to find out that he has knowledge of the regulations, required documents, and local rules. He made himself available and from my experience checking out different properties with him, he seems a very good negotiator. He was knowledgeable of the local real estate market and had quality business connections. He communicated frequently and was truly professional in the way he handled the purchase of a home for me sometime this year.

5 jmylarin

Brandon was a God-sent. He was able to find me a buyer for my home and really got a good bargain. It felt good to see that all I had to do all along in trying to sell my house was hire a professional. Brandon was always available. He seems very knowledgeable and the house was sold just in time for a family tradition

5 tbrandto89

I bought a house in a short period working with Brandon. Again it only makes sense hiring a professional with these things. It took the stress I experienced earlier when I worked with a relation in trying to buy – of course he wasn’t professional and took things for granted. But with hiring Brandon things changed. I got updates and received feedback on prospective properties, but I can’t also forget the Merced Yosemite Realty Team also helped me in trying to purchase and made for a fast transaction, carrying out all the required documentation.

5 lwtaylor23

I was able to buy a home using the services of Merced Yosemite. With the team working full time, I got to buy a house in less than two weeks of starting my search. The only reason it actually took this long was because I was out of town at some point. I don’t know what the process is like as this was my first house buy but it took less time than I thought.

5 ianbbaka

Brandon knows his business very well. In one month, his connections helped me sell my house that had been listed on the market for more than 3 months.

5 robbocop18

Brandon walks the talk. He promised to have my home sold in less than a month and that’s what happened. I think he has more connections than he would want to admit. I had an open house 3 weeks before my house was sold and that was where Brandon performed his magic. Because of his knowledge of how the real estate market was at the time, he was able to get prospects to commit on a certain level. With coordinated follow up, he was able to zero in on a particular prospect, helping them with the necessary credit assessment and also with finding a suitable lender. The whole process was sustained up until the house was sold. I’d deal with him anytime of day

5 jterril21

Brandon and his team were very helpful in the whole stressful process of buying our home. They were responsive, professional, and guided us. Brandon’s experience in the market helped us find and buy our home. I couldn’t be more satisfied with his service!

5 dessimw19

Thank you Mr Ruscoe, you were very instrumental to the sale of my house and no one could have done it better. I cannot express how much your care and consideration helped the transaction. He was able to make a stressful period easier by handling all the details, at whatever level, and your professionalism made this transaction go smoothly!

5 hlyles57

Brandon is a super agent! He is creative, flexible, and went above and beyond for me as a client. He helped stage the home I was selling, and throughout the time before it was sold, an open house was held every weekend. He also made sure my buying and selling experience was easy. He is knowledgeable of every process and has a positive attitude. If I needed help in the future, I’ll be using his service again. Your support and help was excellent.

5 htonmyon

Brandon was exceptional in helping us navigate the home buying process in Merced. He was very professional, responsive, thoughtful and considerate throughout the process. We started our search in November / December, and Brandon was very patient throughout our house hunt, which we finally closed in late May! Also, Brandon has been helpful even after closing the transaction with his rolodex of referrals for everything from locksmiths, electricians to general contractors. We would definitely recommend Brandon and work with him again in the future!

5 pulstoket

Brandon did a wonderful job helping me get my house sold. Working with him was always a pleasure. He took my time very seriously and always offered very professional service. The house that Brandon listed for me was sold in less than three months from listing to closing. Brandon is realtor that will not only deliver and walk you through every step of the process but will also answer any questions you may have. Brandon is very knowledgeable in not only selling houses but in every aspect of real estate. I was also very impressed with his level of confidence and positive attitude. Overall I would rate Brandon’s knowledge 5 out 5!

5 sespakisto

Mr. Brandon Ruscoe was very much aware of what was needed to sell my home. He offered to have Open House anytime I wanted and was very cooperative with my time and needs. I would definitely recommend him anytime!

5 arturogro31

It was my first time buying a home in the area and I most likely put too much pressure on my agent with all that I wanted. Well, Brandon did not keep me waiting for too long. In 2 weeks after adjusting the listing several times we had chosen a place and Mr Ruscoe and I ended up making 3 trips to review the listings. I spotted my choice without having to do much. Mr Rusoce handled all paperwork for us and we only went there for an inspection and review of the fixes that had to be done afterwards. He is a great agent and extremely accommodating. I’m very lucky to have him work on our home. A relative moved out of state and have had him use Brandon to deal with selling his house. He says it is a few days away and they have dealt with most of the paperwork remotely!!! A trustworthy person to say the least.

5 wrgobrce

I’ve sold a variety of homes over last 12 years, and can tell you that Brandon is a very skilled real estate agent. Brandon saved us time and money by quickly and efficiently assisting us during every stage of the sales process. By helping us analyze the best options for marketing, he was able to provide us with useful information needed to assist us with preparing and staging our home for sale. Brandon’s professionalism and meticulous attention to detail were impressive through every stage of the process. The result? After Brandon worked closely with us through it all, we sold our home in just 2 weeks with one of the highest sales price recorded in our neighborhood for a long time. We had an excellent experience with Brandon.

5 user84159312

I was looking for a local property management company and contacted Yosemite Property. The first guy I spoke to was Brandon, and haven’t had the need to speak to anyone else. Brandon is very knowledgeable about the different areas of Merced and how much I could expect to receive in rent. If I ever have any questions, he is always just a phone call away. He has made the process of owning an investment property easier than I could have imagined.

I highly recommend Brandon and his company Yosemite Property.

5 drbaydala

Brandon Ruscoe and the entire staff at Merced Yosemite Realty did an outstanding job selling our home in record time. I would highly recommend this company, and Brandon Ruscoe in particular, to anybody in search of diligent, hard-working, and trustworthy real estate professionals. We also used them as our property management company for our rental. They did more for us in six months managing our rental property, than the previous company did in twenty years. Their high rating with the Better Business Bureau is well deserved.

5 pnorthrop131

Brandon and his company has helped us with the purchase and rental of our property and been a huge help. He and his staff are very knowledgable and trustworthy, I hope to continue to use Brandon and his services for years to come. Brandon has done things above an beyond the call of duty for us many times and I can rest easy knowing that our property is well managed and safe.

5 vivian1684

I’ve worked with Brandon since 2010 as my property manager. He is very knowledgeable, professional and responsive. He also has a great team of professional working in his office.

4 user05916068

Yosemite property management has been managing my tri-plex in Merced for several years. They demonstrate good hustle to keep tenants and coordinate the repair and fix-up of units. Sometimes we got poor quality tenants but YPM tries to screen the applicants to avoid this.

The whole firm is conscientious and knows the area. Brandon has good contacts for repair and maintenance work.

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