Terry Ruscoe: Owner & Broker & General Contractor

Area of Emphasis: Commercial Sales, Commercial Development and Commercial Lease

Contact:, Ex: 703

DRE: 1421427

CSLB: 1006497

More About Terry: M.B.A. , CBO, C.P.M.



Brandon Ruscoe: Owner & Broker

Area of Emphasis:Portfolio Management

Contact:, Ex: 706

DRE: 1825768

More About Brandon: UC Merced 2009 Pioneer Graduate, CLICK HERE



Jared Ruscoe: Owner & Realtor

Area of Emphasis: Residential Leasing, Student Leasing

Contact:, Ex: 707

DRE: 02025897

More About Jared: UC Merced 2015 Graduate






Rebekah Phillips: Leasing Agent




Jamie Godinez: Property Management Administrator

Jamie enjoys working directly with our owners and tenants to ensure a great management and renting experience for both.

Contact:, Ex: 700



Carmen Morales: Renter Relations

Carmen is a CSU Stanislaus graduate in business and is bilingual (Spanish & English).



Vala Plain Photo

Vala: Head of Security & Mascot

A licensed service protection dog Vala has the playful heart of a sea otter and the ferocity of a honey badger. Service and Loyalty is her code.